"A Little Past Twilight" Lyrics 

The Signal

boundless loneliness will nudge us

on a bus over frozen ground

where highlands rise with receding snow

the songs in our ears are all we know

we've never been so at home


in a room filled with strangers

we fancy ourselves invisible

but possibility breeds exhiliration

settles and suffocates

they'll leave us alone

when we leave alone

without having spoken


routine fill us with purpose

we're sinking so far into ourselves


we wear our badges

speak in tongues

we're always searching for another…

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Arthi's 10 Favorite Albums of the Decade 

This is a list of my favorite albums that came out in the 10 years. I'm not a good critic. It is based on what I listened to the most and what influenced me the most. I can remember where I was and how I felt when I first heard all of these albums.

10. Is This It - The Strokes
Back in my Napster days I downloaded Hard To Explain and for the first like 15 times I heard it, during the break in the song, I thought it hadn't downloaded fully. I wised up eventually.
Favorite Tracks: Is This It, Someday,

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Anand's 50 Favorite Songs of the Decade 

Here are some of the songs that defined my decade.  It's sort of a haphazard list based on a number of intangible factors.  My only rule is that multiple songs per artist were not allowed.  I also left off Fair and Kind songs to appear modest.

Would love to hear your comments!


50.  "She Wants To Move" (2004) - N*E*R*D

N*E*R*D's sensual hodge-podge of acoustic and electric guitars, piano, handclaps, dog barks and "HEY!"s over a floor tom heavy beat borders on being gimmicky and silly, but the genius…

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