January 2010 Newsletter

January 2010 Newsletter
Welcome to the first Fair and Kind newsletter of the new decade!  In this newsletter, we have news about Fair and Kind at the movies, our first radio interview, our favorite music of the decade, and some very flattering praise.
Naansense Radio
We're very excited for our interview on NaanSense Radio on Tuesday, January 26th at 9:30 a.m. Eastern (6:30 a.m. Pacific).  NaanSense is a weekly radio show that plays a wide variety of South Asian musicians, and we're honored to be on the same list as the illustrious artists and activists previously featured.  There are many ways to listen (even if you can't listen live), so please tune in.

Don't Forget to Watch The MovieAnand and Arthi
When you head to the movies in January, go way early and you might catch our song "When We're Good"!
"When We're Good" has been picked up by Cinemasounds for January 2010 -- that means you might hear it at AMC, UA, Edwards, Regal, or other theater chains around the country before the previews start, in line for tickets, or when we all go to the lobby.
Don't be confused if you hear it called "Enough Love In My Heart" - as part of our deal with Rescue Records, we had to give each of the songs on A Little Past Twilight alternate names.
So please let us know if you hear our song -- and if we should go see the movie you saw.
Band to Watch?  Aw, shucks.
We are ridiculously flattered to be named on Loud Loop Press's 10 Bands To Watch list alongside The Gorilla Press, with whom we played a super fun show back in May 2009.  We promise to try hard to live up to Loud Loop's expectations!
Fave Music of the 00's
Like most dreamers, we often attempt impossible tasks, like trying to rank our favorite albums and songs from the first ten years of the 2000s.  Comment on our website and let us know who we forgot (and/or why our lists are totally bogus).
We're thrilled that KGRL.fm, a fantastic female-focused internet radio station, has started playing tracks from "A Little Past Twilight."  Please check them out, and make sure you request Fair and Kind 24/7.
Good Luck, Michael!

We want to thank musician Michael Zapruder for giving us a shout-out during his interview with the Independent Music Awards, for which he has been nominated in the "Acoustic Song and Folk/Singer-Songwriter Album" category.

If you're so inclined, please vote for Michael here.

So... About That Free Download
We sincerely apologize, but the song we were planning to share this month didn't pan out.  Since we had so much news, we decided to send the newsletter without a download, but we're hoping to have something great for you in February!
-Anand and Arthi Meera

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