April 2010 Newsletter

April 2010 Newsletter
Welcome to the April Fair and Kind newsletter (shhh... don't tell anyone we skipped March)!  We have just a bit of news this month, but we do have a new, original, free download for you.
Raspberry Magic UpdateAnand and Arthi
It was a thrill to hear our song, "Where Love Grows," on the big screen last month watching "Raspberry Magic" during the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.  There are opportunities to see the film in Chicago, LA, and New Mexico coming up, so please check their official website to see if it's playing in your city.

"Where Love Grows" is streaming in the white Newsletter Downloads player on our website.

Sophomore Success?
We've been in the writing and planning stages of our second album (tentatively titled "Light Music Program") and we're convening in Oakland and demoing parts of the new album this month -- we're excited to see what comes out of our first live writing/recording sessions since our debut, "A Little Past Twilight."  Stay tuned for updates!
Free Download
We proudly present an acoustic version of  "Before All Beginning," a song for all seasons.  You can download "Before All Beginning" by entering your e-mail in the widget here.
-Anand and Arthi Meera

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