May 2010 Newsletter

May 2010 Newsletter
Welcome to the May Fair and Kind newsletter!  This month, we have an online show announcement, a "new" video, some recently discovered pics, and a free download for you.
Our Very First Live Online Concert
We're very excited for our very first live online concert, hosted through  Please join us on Monday, May 24th, at 6 pm PST/ 9 pm EST for some old favorites and mayyyybe some new ones.  All you have to do is click on the link, and you'll have a rock concert in the comfort of your living space.

Our Very First VideoAnand and Arthi
Ever forget what you looked like way back when?  Back in 2007, soon after we had recorded our debut EP, "Rain at Hand," we were approached by our friend, cinematographer Patrick Russo, to film a video for our song, "November."  After loads of post-production, the video's available for viewing here.

Recording Session Pics

Speaking of way back when, we just discovered these pics from our "A Little Past Twilight" recording sessions.  Enjoy!

Thanks For Your Vote!

Thanks to everyone who voted for us to be The Deli Magazine's Band of the Month for April.  After a very close race, we ended up in second place out of five.  We're so thankful for your support!
Free Download
We proudly present a cover of The Pretenders' wonderful  "Back On The Chain Gang."  You can download it by entering your e-mail in the widget here.
-Anand and Arthi Meera

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