Tender November and Discount December

Tender November and Discount December
Welcome to the end of year Fair and Kind newsletter!  In this newsletter, we have news about Fair and Kind on the web, a special holiday discount, and a free mash-up download.
Fair and Kind Shout-OutsAnand and Arthi

We were really excited to see Fair and Kind recommended by Sepia Mutiny and spun on KTUH in Honolulu this past month. 
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Discount December
Since everyone's busy at the end of the year, we've combined our November and December newsletters.  To make it up to you (and as an awesome holiday sale), we're offering our debut album, A Little Past Twilight, at $4.99 until January 1st.  That's over 50% off the normal price!  You're welcome.

Tender November
Mr. Schuester says mash-ups are cool, so we decided to mashup this and this and give you Tender November for free... we'll assume you like it unless we get a slushee in the face.

-Anand and Arthi Meera

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